Monday, March 23, 2009

Week Three!

Well today marks my third week. 77th day I think.

This week is Semana Santa in Mexico which means Holy Week. My president was telling me all about it just to let me in on what it will be like. He told me that it’s like a celebration all week with huge parties in the streets, huge figurines of Jesus and Mary parading around with everybody bowing to them. All week. I haven’t seen any of this yet. It’s only Monday morning. But I’ll take pictures for you, it sounds exciting to be around as a Mormon missionary.

I’m still not that great at talking but I can get my point across. And I can understand a lot more now. I’ve been working on achieving my purpose as a missionary when I knock doors. As you know our purpose is to help others come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel. And this work won’t be done until the gospel has been sounded in every ear so I have been just working on not taking no for an answer. It’s hard with my limited Spanish but I know that if I trust in the Lord he won’t let me go wrong.

So Galen wants to know what I drink for water. Well our only source of water is strait from the toilet buddy! But don’t worry, we boil it and strain anything big out of it first. :) And then sometimes if we just got done climbing a mountain, and we are real thirsty, we will go to a members house and they will give us an ice cold Coke. (Really Coke is cheaper than water here. This is probably the only mission you’re allowed to drink it in.) No but we do have 20 gallons of clean water that we buy every week.

Mmmm! Hot dogs sound good right now. But really they have these things here called tacos al pastor. Oh my gosh! They are so good! They basically have a huge pig rotating vertically with a pineapple up top and they roast the pig with a huge flame thrower. Then they shave off the pig as its rotating into a big greasy tortilla and shave some pineapple on top of it. Oh my gosh they are so good!!! Oh and I also have tried tacos al tripas which is, you guessed it, tripe. Cow guts. Its actually pretty good. But what I’m really craving is some Coldstone believe it or not. And rocky road brownies.

You gashed your arm open? How come I’m always gone when something cool happens? Not that you hurting yourself is cool but come on! Oh and about letters. They all come to the mission offices which are millions of miles away so I usually wont get them until two weeks when the zone leaders go every month or when the president comes every month. And some of you that I write letters to should be receiving a letter soon...maybe...

That’s all for this week. I love you all. Trust in the lord with all your heart. Don’t shun the non-believers. Y para siempre Dios esté con vos.

Elder Whetten


TBrooks said...
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TBrooks said...

I can't believe he's eating tripe! A true missionary! When Dan and I went to Paraguay for the Temple dedication there, I actually got some tripe on my plate but did NOT eat it! YUCK! It looked like some kind of funky pasta.

Stephanie said...

apparently, tacos al pastor are all the rage with the elders in mexico!

my son sounds serious about them!