Monday, April 13, 2009

New Companion

This last week was Semana Santa. And it was pretty interesting. Every day the towns and churches perform a different part of Christ’s last days. On Friday I got to see part of the big performance in Mexico City. We were at a dinner appointment and the family had the TV on the news feed of the performance in Mexico City. It was on Friday so it was on Christ’s journey and death. And man was it bad! (Jay was in the incredible Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple for four years in a row, check out pics of it at I'm sure that is what he is comparing it to.) First of all, all the actors had one of those big microphones that you hold which didn’t look right. And they had this weird opera music playing during the whole thing, and angel was following Christ everywhere, and most of it was wrong. Like on time in his journey, a woman stopped him and asked him if he could remove her sins. The actor playing Christ then replied "God suffered for your sins."

But yah, that’s what Easter here is like. Today marks my 99th day in the mission and the end of my first change. God has decided to give me a new companion and tomorrow I go to a different part of Aguascalientes to serve with Elder Toetai. He is a Tongan from California and he only has one more change than I do which means that our experience is about the same. To put this into perspective, I remember seeing him in the MTC. All the elders say that they have never seen something like this happen before. No two Americans have ever been assigned as companions either. But we are up for the challenge, and we know that if we put our trust in God and work hard that we will have success.

That thing that I am holding in my hand is a corn. Don’t you remember Nacho Libre? Watch it again.

And that calendar is our dinner appointment calendar. And don’t worry about what’s written on it. I am on my mission and all I care about is serving the Lord.

I don’t have any good pictures of Toetai but I will send the one I do have that I took today when we went bowling. Well that’s about it.

Tell Beth congrats. I have a lot of hard work ahead of me and I am ready to take it on. Contention is of the devil. God is love.

Elder Whetten

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TBrooks said...

Nacho Libre! Cam & Madison got a kick out of the corn pic. I attached it to Logan's e-mail today for fun. Wow . . . It will be interesting to see how Jay and his new companion do together. Logan's friend, Weston, is in the Dominican Republic and they also celebrate Semana Santa. However, they have essentually lost the religious meaning and have turned it into a party day. Pretty sad.