Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't kill bugs!

Well this week was a little interesting.  I expected this new way of working to start off a little slow.  The members here aren't used to working like this so little by little we should start to see progress.  We were trying to find ways to find some investigators right away so we asked a list from the ward secretary on all the kids 9 and above who are in member family's and haven't been baptized yet and like a page of names came out.  So we should have some fun with that. 
Tomorrow i am going to Leon to be capacitaded on how and what to teach my new Elder.  (its the same capacitation that all the zone and district leaders go through.  So I might be there for about a week.  And my companion will stay with another Elder here in Celaya.
My companion and I have just read something this week from Joseph Fielding Smith where he basically says that we shouldn't kill any creation of god unless we are ready to eat it.  So my companion and I have been having a hard time not killing the bugs that are in our house.  Ha ha.  Just have to sweep them out.
Not much happened this week.  it was kinda slow due to the new way of working.  Love you all!
Elder Whetten

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