Monday, October 18, 2010

Open Your Mouth

First of all my reaction to your surgery wasn't anything big because I knew that gall bladder surgery isn't anything big to worry about. (most of the time) But that doesn't mean I wasn't praying for you. Glad to hear your ok.

This week we had a conference with the president and It was one heck of a conference. This mission is changing completely. We are no longer going to knock doors at all. All our work is going to be focused on the members and working through them to find the people who are ready. not only that we are going to be focusing on reactivating all the less active family's and the baptisms from late missionaries that were kinda just left to trail behind. I am so excited that we are now going to be working like we are supposed to. Our success is really going to change.

We are also going to be doing something called "open our mouths" which is two questions which members can ask people. 85% of the people who have been asked these questions were baptised. The questions are: 1. can you read? and 2. If I gave you a book that talks of Jesus Christ and his coming to the Americas, would you read it? Right now we are having all the members "open their mouths" and give out Books of Mormon to their friends.

So we are doing pretty good now. Hope everyone is doing fine and I love you all!

Elder Whetten

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