Monday, November 22, 2010

Work is Hard

Well changes came again and it looks like I'm going to stay here in Celaya until I have to leave. I guess that's all right. I was kinda hoping for a change but I guess its kinda useless with my time.

That's all right with me about the Christmas party just that it doesn't conflict with when I get set apart. Or like I don't mind if I go as a missionary or not just that if the stake president is going to set me apart that evening I would rather do that instead. And I hope he isn't on vacation when I get back. speaking of which my temple recommend has expired last October. You think you can look into an appointment to get it renewed?

Lately it seems like the harder I work the less the work gets done. I know I'm in one of the hardest areas in the mission but that shouldn't make a difference. but hopefully some good may come out of it. It seems like the weeks are going by like days too.
Yesterday when we were walking home at night the moon was red. I took a bad picture of it but ill put it up anyway.
That's about all for now. I saw the commercials for Harry Potter and looking forward to seeing it too but I still need to see the one before it first.
Love you all!
Elder Whetten

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