Monday, January 11, 2010


Well it has been a really cold week! I am actually using my big jacket that we bought with two layers. I had it all ready to send home in a package when it started to get really cold. That would have been a very sad day!

Well we had the zone conference last Tuesday. And we had to go all the way to Aguascalientes to have it! The president wanted to combine the two zones because apparently another general authority is coming to our mission and he wanted to tell us all about it in a bigger group.

So I got my package too! I was a little disappointed at first because I couldn’t find it amongst all the other packages. It was in with the letters because it was so small. But thanks for the camel. And for the contacts.

So I wonder if you remember about that abandoned girl I told you about. Well we knocked the door of the lady who worked at the video rental place, and she is now going to be baptized soon along with her husband! Whoo hoo!

My companion also completes 11 months in the mission today!

Well that's all for today, Keep warm! And there are a couple new pictures up.

Elder Whetten

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