Monday, March 22, 2010

Book of Mormon = Aztecs and Exodus

Wow sounds like you guys had a blast with Grammy’s party. Sure wish I could have been there. Just for the food of course. I think that’s about the only thing I miss right now. My family too, but what you guys had certainly beats beans and tortillas. Happy Birthday Grammy!!! And the cake looks awsome. Very well done.

And I’m am way excited for Sis Clark! Way to go! Yay!

This week was pretty cool with my new companion. I certainly have seen the spirit working through me this week. One day I was knocking doors and I knocked the door of this lady. She said that she had already heard the lessons and has our bible. I was like Oh you mean the Book of Mormon? Do you know what that’s about? She said no she has never read it but her friend who was there wanted to know. Then her friend came to the door and asked if it was like the views of the Aztecs about Exodus and those first four books in the bible because that is what she had heard. I kinda laughed a little bit and told here what it really is about and how Joseph Smith found it. She was quite amazed by it all so I decided to tell her more about the promise found in Moroni 10:4-5. Then I asked her Ok so if you pray and receive an answer that this book is true, What would that mean? She said that Joseph Smith translated it by the power of god. And I said And if he had the power of god to translate this book, What does that mean? She said that he was a prophet. So I asked so if he was a true prophet of god, What does that mean. and she said that through him God and Jesus Christ re-established their church over the earth once again. I just about wanted to hug this woman But I didn’t. I asked her if she would read it and pray about it and she said well right before you knocked the door I saw my friend’s copy of this book and was asking her what it was about. And then you knocked the door so it has to be for something. I then asked her if we could visit her again but she lives in a different state and was going to leave the day after. So we gave her a web address to find missionaries in her area and she is going to have them come over when she gets back home. So that’s the blessing for the week.

Elder Garcia’s new companion is Elder Martinez from Chihuahua. He knows some of the Whettens over there.

That’s about all for today. Stay safe and play hard.

Elder Whetten

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