Monday, July 12, 2010

Rain and Baptisms

I finally met our new president this last Saturday. He is a really good person that has a really good vision. And I like how he teaches. There are also going to be some changes in the mission due to the new president but I’ll talk about them when they happen.

Walter is becoming animated about his baptism and we also have a couple of investigators who are going to get married soon and have been attending church for a while so we are also getting their baptism ready.
It’s still been raining a lot and things have been getting really muddy. The members tell me that it is going to be like this for about two more months. I’m not sure if I should be happy about that or sad. But it still hasn’t gotten cooler.

We had a family home evening with this couple that is going to get married and at the end we played a game. Two Elders took off their ties and we tied one knot in one of them and two knots in the other. The object of the game is that everyone passes the ties around and unties and ties the knots again. When the two ties meet, that person has to receive a punishment. And well when they landed on me I had to eat dog food. It didn’t taste like anything much just really dry.
That’s about it for today. Hope everyone is doing well. Remember to pray and read the scriptures. Those things are very important in our lives and sometimes we underestimate the power that they can give us.
Elder Whetten

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