Monday, July 26, 2010

Well Walter just recieved the priesthood. He was really nervous all week to get it because he told us that he just didn't think that he could bless and pass the sacrament that well in his condition. I forgot to mention that he can drive. He actually took us to his baptism and back. So we told him that. If you can drive I dont think you'll have trouble with the priesthood. But the bishop talked to him a little bit and helped him gain some confidence. He later took him to the sacrament room when no one was in there so that he could get used to all the movements that he would do. And after that he recieved the preisthood.
We went to the park this morning to go play soccer and there were a bunch of kids there that wanted to play soccer too. So we played with them and now they are going to start to come to mutual too.

Also the papers of this couple are taking a long time to process so we are just waiting on that. (to get married.)

Well nothing much else happened this week except that I had my interview with the president. He is pretty cool and the interview lasted about a half an hour. It was pretty great.

But that's about all for now. Love you all!

Elder Whetten

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