Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rainy Days!

Wow I completely forgot about the fourth of July! Hope it was fun though. We just talked with Walter the guy who came from the United States and he is now going to get baptized on the 16th. He wanted a little bit of time to introduce his family to the church so that they could really understand what he was going into. Hopefully they will follow his example.

It’s been raining everyday all day the whole week. And my shoes are becoming disglued. But I’m in Leon the shoe capital of Mexico. I don’t think that getting new shoes would be a problem. I don’t need them now but I would like to see if they would last for the rest of the time I have here.

Oh and the new president just said that the elder can play soccer now so yesterday all of Leon went to play soccer together. We played in the rain but it was all fun.

This next week we are going to have our first meeting with our new president on Saturday. He didn’t come to check our house this last week.

Well that’s all for today. Love you all.

Elder Whetten

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