Monday, June 7, 2010

Back in Leon

Well I did get transferred. I’m not in San Luis Potosi anymore but now I’m back in Leon. In an area called Azteca 2. It’s a little bit near my first area that I had here in Leon and Elder Aitken is in my district. So yah I just got here this morning. I had to wake up at four in the morning. I don’t think I slept that much. I was excited to leave the area because I had six months in it but really sad to leave the people that I have loved for all that time. A lot of them were (sad?) too. But there comes a time for everything and eventually in the mission you just have to leave. Be it to your house or another area.

So my new companions name is Elder Laguna. He is Mexican and has six months in the mission. He also has a great desire to learn English. Already knows about 50%. So that will be fun. And he is from Mexico City. We also live with another companionship. Elder Rivera (I have lived with him before in Celaya) and Elder Fritera. And supposedly our house is haunted. Who cares really? But there are a lot of cockroaches here. That really scares me.

I really haven’t gotten to know the area yet but it seems pretty cool.

But yah, I haven’t really been able to get to know anybody or the area yet so hopefully I’ll have more to tell next week. Till next time!

Elder Whetten

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