Monday, June 14, 2010

Ghost lights the boiler in the morning

Well my new area is pretty sweet! It’s rich but humble. And there are a lot of great opportunities here. Our house is right next to the stake center and tomorrow all the missionaries are coming to this church to tell our president good bye and to get to know our new president. (by photo.) I’ll get my socks tomorrow too. I hope.

My companion actually knows about 90% English. He just needs to practice more to get used to the grammar and pronunciation. I asked him where he learned English and he said that he has no idea. That he just had a fascination with English music when he was growing up so basically all that he listened to was English music. And well he knows English now but he never did well in his English tests.

This morning all the missionaries went to clean the church. Right now there aren’t custodians for the churches in Mexico anymore but the members have to clean them. So today was the missionaries turn.

Our house is haunted by the way. We have seen a couple things. But the ghost likes to light the boiler for us before we wake up so we are thinking about keeping it around for a while.

We have met a lot of really great people this week and are hoping that we may be able to teach them the things they need to know to return to their Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost. We will see what happens. There was also a lot of people who want to fight with us over the things that we teach. I’ve learned by now that it usually doesn’t go anywhere when we talk to them.
That’s all for today. Hope you’re all doing well. If you get a chance tell Bis. Steck hi. Till next week!

Elder Whetten

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