Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to Celaya!

Well I am going to start trying something different. Everyone has been complaining about how my letters have been getting shorter and shorter so I'm am going to start Vloging too. I'm going to try to send at least one video every week and hope that that kicks up my blog a notch. there will be two in photobucket today so look for those.  (He sent an email later saying the internet connection was too slow and he couldn't send the videos.)

I got special changes!!! Changes aren't for another three weeks but yesterday at 8:30 they called us and told us that we were getting changed. I am now going to Celaya again and my companion is going to San Pancho which is a small city just outside of Leon. A lot of the missionaries who are going home this month are leaving early so we had to fill in the spots. Now the city of Celaya has gone through many changes mission wise. The president has closed down many of the areas in the city and there are only like three left. So our area is like half the city, the north part. But due to all the members going inactive here I don't think that I am going to stay for that long here. Another thing that I heard is that two of my converts here in Celaya have already been excommunicated from the church. I am really sad about that and I hope I may be able to do some good here.

My new companions name is Elder Jerano from Manzanillo, Colima. Its on the coast somewhere near Guadalajara I think. He has seventeen month's in the mission and a hard worker. We live in a really nice house. I think like the nicest I have ever lived in in the mission. And since they just closed down alot of areas, we each sleep on two mattresses!

Well that's all for today. Have a good week!

Elder Whetten

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