Monday, August 23, 2010

The Power of the Book of Mormon

You know you're in Mexico....

Ha ha! I totally forgot about that conversation that we had. But I really needed to hear that. (I sent his this email/text conversation we had just a few weeks before he left on his mission: Jay: We need more bread. Mom: Did you check the bread tree in the back yard?  Jay: No we never planted that one remember? Mom: Go check inside your shoe. Jay: All I found was a guitar pick. Mom: Well, if there isn't any in the dryer than I guess you'll have to go get some. Jay: Can I speak with my mom now? )

Well today is my companion’s birthday. He turned 21. But we aren’t doing anything for his birthday for lack of money.

This week was actually pretty hard for us. We had every one of our investigators turned us down telling us that they didn't want to hear us anymore. We were very heart broken because some of them were really progressing and had no reason to stop listening. And we wanted to say something to help them out but the spirit told us not to and to just leave them alone for a while. So now we are going to start this week new and clean and we are going to find more people who will hear us.

I really hope that my teeth are ok when I get back. (I told him I sheduled a dental appt for him for the first week in January)  I flossed and brushed every day on my mission so if there is something wrong with them then I really got a problem.

Talking about the piano in our house, ever since I've been on my mission I’ve regretted not learning how to play piano. One of my companions taught me how to read music so if you get the piano tuned I will be practicing on it when I get home.

Now for my story that you want: one day when I was in Leon me and my companion after fasting, felt impressed to knock a certain street in our area. That day we went and knocked it and found three people who wanted to listen to our message. As we returned every day to continue teaching them, they each fell one by one. We were a little bit confused. We couldn't understand why the spirit told us to knock that street if everyone that we found wasn't going to progress. So we went on with the normal missionary routine for about two weeks when one day we were knocking a street that intersected with the one where we felt impressed to knock. I remember that I was knocking and I came to a house that took up space on the first street but didn't face toward it. It faced toward the street that I was knocking at the time. I knocked it wondering if we were really supposed to knock this one or if I was just hoping that we were because it was raining at the time. A woman came out and invited us to come in, me not really having the chance to announce what I was there for. When we were inside we learned that the woman and her three daughters were Christian missionaries. Feeling like they were probably going to rebuke me for asking, I asked if they would like to hear our message…and they accepted. Two weeks later that woman and her oldest daughter were dressed in white waiting to be baptized. One of the members asked why they wanted to be baptized and it gave me great joy to hear them answer that they wouldn't be here if they didn't know that this was Christ’s church restored upon the earth and that through this act they could live as a family forever.

After sharing this story I would like to invite everyone to read the Book of Mormon. If you've read it before, read it again. I just got done reading the book of Mormon for the seventh time on my mission. Every time I read it I learned something new. And I'm sure that if I were to read it fifty more times that I would learn fifty more things. But really take that time to read it and understand it. I think that we horribly underestimate the power of this book sometimes. It can change our life's and the lives of others but not if we don't give it the time to.
That's all for this week. Love you all!

Elder Whetten

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