Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Family

Well this week we got a really great family looking into the gosple now. It is a mom Araceli and her two children Alberto and Gabriela. They all know nothing about religion or the bible so the lessons are always a bit long but they are such a good family and they understand the importance of finding out if these things are true. I am really excited to see how they progress.

Just today we were in about the center of the city waiting for other missionaries in front of a bank, and a policeman came up and asked us what we were doing. We told him that we were only waiting for some friends, and then he asked if he could see our ID´s. I then thought about how my ID says Arizona in big huge letters at the top as I handed it to him. But he didnt say anything about where I was from just wrote a couple things down and started to ask us about who we were. I guess if there is someone sitting infront of a bank the policemen have the pocedure of going over to see if those people are trustworthy people. And I guess we passed the test. He only asked me how much time I had in mexico and left.

one day we were walking toward an intersecion and we saw a cars tire just pop right off as it was turning through. We ran and helped the people push their now really hard to push car out of harms way. But it was just a really interesting thing to see.

But thats about it for this week. Love you all!

Elder Whetten.

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