Monday, August 16, 2010

Surprise Visit

Well it doesn't look like I will be able to send any videos home. It seems like all the Internets here in Celaya are pretty slow, it's too bad. I found the videos pretty interesting.

Here in Celaya we have a huge area and we have to walk a lot everyday. Also a tsunami like rain comes every day for a half an hour from nowhere. but I like the rain.

We have about two familys that we are going to baptize. One is kinda a poor family and the other has a husband who is loving the Book of Mormon and understanding it like an apostle would.

Also one of the seventy are coming to speak with us again. This time its Elder Tenorio who will come speak to us on the 26th. We actually have to take a bus to a city next to Celaya called Irapuato. Its about a half an hour drive.

Wednesday the zone leaders called us and asked if they could come to our house in the middle of the day to get some copies of the Book of Mormon. So we were waiting in the house when they came. Right after they came in three girls came in after them. Which kinda took me by surprise but then the president followed them in. It was then that I realized that the girls were the president's daughters. His family was going to the homes of all the missionaries in Celaya by surprise to check their houses. Well ours was clean and we don't have anything illegal so the president was happy and his wife gave us each a candy bar for having our house in order.

That's all for this week. Love you all!

Elder Whetten

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