Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another email!

Yah if you want to switch out my luggage then go right ahead. and i dont think your a bad mom. your the best mom i ever had!!!

I forgot to mention that i forgot a few things. I forgot my manicure set, and my patriarchal blessing. I also would like, if possible, my cd player with speakers. they gave us alot of cds with like motab on it and the guy in our residence with an ipod only has like three songs on it and i would like a little more variety.

I also forgot to mention that they are taking really good care of me over here. Im eating alot more than i used to. and im trying to gain more weight.

I went to the temple this morning. we got up early in the morning while it was still dark and crossed the street to go to the temple. there was like two feet of snow on each side of the pathway up to the temple and as we went, i could look up to see the temple glowing upon a hill of snow. it was really beautifull as was the whole experiance.

I am sorry to mention that i havent used my coat once yet. Im telling you, im a snow person!!!

anyway if there is anything else you want to know just send me a letter. i would prefer if it was on dear elder so it could get to me faster but if you want to write then go right ahead. I really appreciate all of your letters. loveElder Whetten


mpal said...

You're so lucky to get so many emails! We got one from the MTC to let us know all the Elders made it to Brazil safe and sound and we had to wait a whole week to hear from him again - Sounds like he's doing great!

Pam said...

Glad to hear that Jay is doing so well. He is a great example. My Scotty was excited to see the updates on his Primary Teacher (Brother Whetten who he always called Jay!)