Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More News from Jay (with comments from Mom)

Melanie's comments are in red -

Thanks for the tip on questions. My companion is having a hard time thinking of some good questions or questions that aren't confusing to use in our lessons. I shared it with him and He really appretiated it. (I told him about our Teacher Training lesson on developing questions when teaching - If you're interested check out "Teaching No Greater Call" pg 68 or 98 )

I asked my branch president if he knew who was coming into our branch today and Brant's name was on the list! So he is going to be in one of the rooms next to me. I haven't seen him today yet though.

Oh and I run inside. I use my jeans for p-day and service assinements and I dont want to wear my shorts when I do laundry because I use them for gym and stuff. (This sounds so much better than what it sounded like he was saying last week - that he ran 4 miles every day in his jeans and also wore them on P-day, so he couldn't wash them.)

Oh and don't worry about the candy. Grandma sent me a bunch of stuff today.

It truly is amazing how much faster you can learn a language with the spirit on your side.

Tell dad to not work too hard. I want to be the only one in a stretcher when I get home. (?? I wonder what that means??)

Tell everyone at church that I'm doing amazing and progressing really well. (I am however; having trouble with the humility! -could he get that from his mother?) Tomorrow I get to work in the referral center, basically where people call to learn about the church. I'm really excited.

Did I mention its like ground hogs day here? It feels like I got here yesterday. But its also like 3.5% of my mission over with.

I get letters from Audri and Courtney. Aimee and Sister Clark and Grandma have sent me a letter too. I really love getting letters. (Shameless plug for more letters??)

Nothing much else has happened. I'll talk to you next week.
LoveElder Whetten


Lisa said...

Sounds like he's doing great. I think a positive attitude and enthusiasm is what he is experiencing, not a lack of humility, and that's awesome!

Pam said...

Thanks for the update. I knew he'd be a great missionary.

My brother went to Mexico on his mission and he came home even skinnier than when he left so I wouldn't hold out much hope for Jay gaining weight. My brother did come home loving mangos. I wonder if Elder Jay is eating those too.

P.S. I love your little comments that you add :)

Pam said...

I guess he'll have to wait until he gets there to eat the mangos...

Seriously, my brother would eat them like apples and just spit out the skin or something disgusting like that. :)