Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Email from Jay

Sorry I Wasent able to e-mail you for a while. the first couple of days are a little hectic for missionaries. from now on ill only be able to e-mail you every wednesday and friday. at first i was a little homesick but after a while ive made some new friends and ive gotten over it all. I still miss you though.

The missionary I met at the airport isnt my companion, and im glad he isnt. I have a better companion named Elder Jordan Russell. He is from Rexburg, Idaho. the guy on the plain was starting to annoy me a little bit.

Ill send you guys some pictures sometime. Its about 10 degrees over here right now and im loving it!!! Its been snowing alot. So yah this is like the first time ive seen it snow.

As for the spanish, I know more right now than i have learned french. I can bear my testimony and pray in spanish. ive already done it a couple times allready. i can already see gods angels helpings us along the way. some visible some not.

well when i send you my sd card its gonna look like im not doing much but i just want to let you know that im working really hard and learning this language like no other.

I love you and i really miss you. I hope you guys are able to find your way without me. dump the trash before it starts overflowing. love,Elder Whetten

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mpal said...

Sounds like the first week went okay for Jay. I had to laugh about the trash comment that was Andrew's job too, we were lost for a while on that one!