Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Email, January 14th

Hey mom.
Elder Holland spoke to us yesterday. I’m not sure if you can but if you can try to find a recording of it. Im doing the choir at the MTC and they had a close up of me.

By extra things in the package, did you mean like t-shirts and jeans? Because i only have one pair and I use them for gym everyday and i can’t really wash them because i use them for p-day too. Sorry i didn't notice earlier.

But anyway things are doing great over here and I think my brain has converted to spanish at the moment. Me and my companion heard some apostle say that if you memorize one thing every day that by a year you would have developed a photographic memory. so right now we have two weeks worth of scriptures and preach my gospel stuff memorized. Half of that stuff is in Spanish.

Im going to send my blessing back to you guys because im going to get it shrunken down and laminated so i can put it into my scriptures. Have you seen the restoration movie at the temple yet? If you haven’t I highly Suggest it. It’s worth it.

I’m going to try to get a picture of my whole district to send you guys soon so expect that too. Oh and I got my Hep A shot so expect a bill or something on that to.

Does grandma want to send me any snowballs? Tell her I love her. And tell Galen and Kenna hi too. Tell Galen that Geronimo was like the best scout trip I’ve ever been on.

I haven’t been able to gain any weight yet. I do eat a lot but I run four miles every gym period. I’ve heard a lot of stories about where I’m going. Like the Mexicans kinda worship this "angel of death" that looks like a grim reaper and is like mechanical and stuff. And when you teach them the lessons they ask if you believe in it and when you tell them that death isn’t a god it’s a process they are like oh my gosh he's right!!!

Well I can’t think of anything else to talk about now. Tell me everything.
Love, Elder Whetten.

P.S. Feel free to correct any missspelled words or grammar in any of my e-mails. I’m sure there is a lot of mistakes

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TBrooks said...

So Jay is a "snow person?" This made me laugh! He doesn't have to shovel it, scrape his windshield, buy snowtires, drive in it, take the garbage out in it, etc. I say this as we are basking in 70 degree weather. Funny Jay.