Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MTC Halfway Point

Hey hey!!

Well I'm starting my fourth week!! It hasn't been too exciting. Just another week at the MTC.

So I started taking calls in the referral center!! This one guy I called about a Book of Mormon he was supposed to receive. He got it and I started telling him about how he will be blessed for reading it and stuff. I tried to make it like really spiritual. Well when I was done he was like " Awite, well I'm going to go slaughter me a goat!" and hung up.

I've got an investigator!! Two missionaries who are leaving asked if me and my companion could take over and teach him. He doesn't speak English. But I'm hoping my Spanish is good enough.

I'm happy to hear about the goals that you have made. One thing I have been doing is going through the Preach my Gospel and going through the scripture study boxes in the lessons. I found that if I study by subject and not by just reading through it that I get alot more out of it. and as an added benifet, my scriptures are all filled with colors now. Ive gotten alot of use out of those scripture marking things. One of them practically melted in my fingers because I was using it so much. Ive only been reading in the Spanish scriptures now because they make so much more sense in Spanish. I will read a scripture in Spanish and then when I read it in English it practically scares me its so confusing.

Anyway I don't know what else to say other than I'm glad im here and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Four elders from our district just got called to the travel office. They are going to Salt Lake today to meet the Mexican ambassador! Isn't that exciting!!!

Much love,
Elder Whetten

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mpal said...

It really sounds like Jay is enjoying his time at the MTC and trying really hard to learn the language. It's amazing to see their growth, mostly little by little.