Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another week at the MTC

This week has been surprisingly eventful!

On Thursday we heard that a bunch of missionaries from Guatemala came in the last Wednesday so we decided to go try to converse with them. After explaining that we just wanted to test our Spanish skills they stopped looking at us like what are you doing here gringo? And they found it fun to listen to us. We wanted to practice the first vision in Spanish with them. My companion told them that Christ killed for us instead of died for us! Ha ha!!

Elder Mask of the seventy came to speak with us yesterday. His talk was really interesting because he was talking about his grandpa who moved to Chihuahua with a bunch of Mormons and eventually went on a mission to Mexico City. Around the time of the revolution. He told some pretty cool stories about Carranza solders and stuff. but anyway at the end he gave us all a blessing right there in the meeting that we all would have the desire to do this work, that we will be obedient, and that we would be blessed with anything we needed at the moment. It was really cool and I’m glad he spoke to us.

Our investigator is pretty cool. He is 26 and plays soccer. He can only speak a few words of English. Me and my companion taught him last Friday. It went pretty well. We are scheduled to teach him again tomorrow.

In the referral center the other day a guy called me and wanted to know why the church was so for Prop 8, and he was blaming the church for ending his marriage. when i started to talk to him i told him that the church doesn’t try to stop marriages and that the reason that we were so behind prop 8 was because be believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and that only through that can we gain eternal joy and happiness. he said that he just wanted to have a civil conversation but as we continued talking he said that he called a lady at prop 8 services and she gave him all the literature about our beliefs and he didn't believe any of it. So naturally any thing I told him, be it from scripture or what our leaders say about it he wouldn't have listened to. And I didn't want to argue with the guy so I just said that I was sorry for what he went through and I asked him if he had any more questions. He didn't so I said good by and ended the call. The MTC took the recording of call and has made it an example of what to do in that situation.

I don’t have anything else to say. Tell everybody hi for me. I’m doing great!!

Elder Whetten

P.S. Elder Krebs says hi.

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