Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lovely Little Chat

I was able to "chat" with Jay today.

Mom: So you're leaving on Monday?

Jay: Of course I am! I have to get up a two and my plane leaves at six.

Mom: I can't believe it's really time for you to go, but I'm so excited for you!

Jay: Yah, I'm so excited! I hope I get a native companion!

Mom: From what I hear on the Missionary Mom emails you probably will. Do you think that will be a little lonely, that there will be no one to speak English with?

Jay: No, I want it to be that way so I will learn the language faster.

Mom: I'm so proud of you. I've been praying real hard that you will not be afraid to speak Spanish. That stopped me sometimes on my mission.

Jay: You know what? I was afraid to speak Spanish until about four weeks in. I hope you know how thankful I am for all of your prayers and thank you for not sending that book to me. (He wanted me to send "The Joseph Smith Papers" and I told him that I didn't feel good about him having that on his mission. I felt that it was a bit "deep" for a missionary. That he should probably concentrate on just the basics.) It's just ever since I've been here I wanted to find out everything I can. I have developed such a desire to learn.

Mom: You make my Mommy heart so proud. I 'm having a hard time typing through my tears. I love you so much. I have to go! (I am at work afterall!) XXOO

Jay: Ok ill talk to you later. I have to do the washer dryer trick. :) BYE!!!


mpal said...

Sounds like Jay is ready to go - Andrew enjoys reading his emails. We're looking forward to hearing from him in the field.

Pam said...

He would make my Mommy Heart proud too.