Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two weeks to go!

Ok so I have like two weeks till I’m gone. Woo hoo!! I can’t wait to get to Mexico!

Well Elder Ballard spoke to us yesterday. It was a really inspiring talk.

Oh and mom you are like the only person i know that could write the word books nine times in one paragraph. Speaking of books, have you found that book I requested of you? Or have you forgotten? You haven’t said anything about it yet.

I got grandmas package. Thank you very much. I just hope i can finish it all before I leave. I'm back to 130 pounds...sorry.

My Spanish skills really jumped a lot this week. Mostly because i have been trying to speak it all day every day.

I'm trying to make this a decent letter in length if you can’t tell.

Oh mom I know that one of your goals is to read the Book of Mormon a lot and I want to tell you about one of the things I’ve been doing. I have bought myself a clean paperback Book of Mormon and I started at the beginning and have been going through and marking with different colors:All the references to Jesus’ name including the pronouns.Everything he says.All his attributes.And all the doctrine and principals. This has really helped me to pay attention to what the prophets are trying to say in the scriptures and it also helps me in my regular study because when I’m just studying the scriptures my mind naturally picks all those things out now.

Speaking of the Book of Mormon the book store here has a lot of Book of Mormons in different languages. It’s really tempting to get some. But one I don’t really need them and two I don’t remember which ones i have and which ones I don’t.

I saw Elder Brooks a couple times. I don’t see him that much though, his schedule is way different than mine. I got a picture with him but not with Elder Munden also.

The missionaries here who have left already send the stuff that they don’t need anymore, and make their luggage heavy, home so I think I’m going to do that with my jacket and stuff. I wish I had more to talk about, I should be getting my flight plans soon!

But adios until then, and god bless.


TBrooks said...

Yea! He got a picture with Logan. I can't wait until both of them get out in the field so they'll have something of substance to write about! They'll be leaving within a couple of days of each other.

mpal said...

Jay sounds like he's doing well this week. I copied and pasted Jay's email and sent it to Andrew, like you've been doing with Andrew's. He really enjoyed that and got a kick out of Jay's story about the referral hanging up on him. I think he can totally relate to not being able to say what you want and how you want to.